New batch of data from Irish History Online

This update includes over 8000 new records from Irish History Online, mostly from the Writings on Irish History for 1936-69. The online database now includes the entire contents of the Writings on Irish History for 1936-2001, covering all the Writings previously published in print and on microfiche, as well as some more recent material. A total of 58,000 titles on Irish history are now accessible using the Irish material only option on the RHS search menu, or through the Irish History Online search menu.

New Irish History Online project

A new Irish History Online project commenced in October 2006 with the aim of improving coverage of the Irish diaspora, including foreign publications. Dr Frank Cullen is the editor of this new project which, like the first stage of Irish History Online, is based at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, under the direction of Professor Jacqueline Hill. The new project will also add information on new publications on Irish history more generally, with the aim of creating an online current bibliography of Irish history.

Other new records

Apart from the new records from Irish History Online, this update includes 5100 other new records; nearly 2900 of these cover publications of 2005-6.

379 of the new records relate to the history of Greater London, so that a total of over 41,000 records is now available using the London material only option on the RHS search menu, or through the London's Past Online search menu. Newly added records include recently completed theses on London history derived from information compiled by the Centre for Metropolitan History.

You can browse all the latest additions, including those from Irish History Online, by broad period/country categories (based on the sections previously used for the printed RHS Annual Bibliography) by going to our browse page.

Other news

As in previous updates, the indexing of many existing records has been improved.

We plan to carry out the next update in January 2007.

Published on: 
31 Oct 2006