New batch of data from Irish History Online

This update includes just over 4300 new records from Irish History Online, mostly from the Writings on Irish History for 1970-79, so that the database now includes the entire contents of the Writings on Irish History for 1970-2001. Nearly 50,000 titles on Irish history are now accessible using the Irish material only option on the RHS search menu, or through the Irish History Online search menu.

Other new records

Apart from the new records from Irish History Online, this update includes just over 6600 other new records; 2668 of these cover publications of 2005-6.

972 of the new records relate to London history. Many of these have been derived by London's Past Online from the Bibliography of the Archaeology of Greater London; all significant articles from this database are now included in London's Past Online, although we have omitted some very short items from BAGL, such as minutes of meetings of archaeological bodies or accounts of visits. A total of over 40,800 records is now available using the London material only option on the RHS search menu, or through the London's Past Online search menu.

The complete database, including titles from Irish History Online and London's Past Online, now contains just over 407,000 records.

You can browse all the latest additions, including those from Irish History Online and London's Past Online, by broad period/country categories (based on the sections previously used for the printed RHS Annual Bibliography) by going to our browse page.

Extended links to other online resources

We have further extended the links from the detailed record display and from the Person as subject browsable index to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and to the British National Register of Archives. There are links to over 4200 more lives in the Oxford DNB (bringing the total number of linked lives to almost 10,000), and links to 2000 further NRA listings (bringing the total to 5500).

Z39.50 compatibility for EndNote users

This update includes fields specially adapted for searching and display using Z39.50 clients such as EndNote, so that users will be able to search the database alongside other resources and incorporate the results into their own bibliographies. Full details will be announced shortly.

Other news

As in previous updates, the indexing of many existing records has been improved. As well as enhancing the indexing of numerous individual records, we have also where possible converted into terms from the current subject classification scheme the subject "themes" given to records from the RHS Annual Bibliographies for 1975-92 when they were included in the 1998 CD-Rom edition, which were not previously included in the online version. This has resulted in the addition of subject classification terms to nearly 10,000 records.

We have modified the place indexing terms used for records covering the period since 1801 which do not have a specific geographical focus. Instead of "Britain and Ireland" and "Britain and Northern Ireland", we are now using "United Kingdom (pre-1922 boundaries)" and "United Kingdom (post-1921 boundaries)" respectively. We have done this in order to ensure that text searches for "Ireland", done either from the Simple search form, or using the Subject (free text) field on the Full search form or Search builder, will give manageable and meaningful results. However, "Britain and Ireland" and "Britain and Northern Ireland" have been retained as non-preferred terms, so when you search for them in the Place index field, records on the period since 1801 will still be returned (this will also be the case if you search for "Britain" in the Place index field with truncation turned on - this is automatic on the Search form). Note that such searches can be done only in conjunction with other criteria if you are searching the whole database, because of the excessive number of results that are otherwise involved. We also continue to recommend that you should not use "Britain" in the Simple search form or in the Subject (free text) field on the other search forms.

We plan to carry out the next data upgrade in October 2006.

Published on: 
30 May 2006