New links to online text

When you view records for articles in many journals, we are now providing links to the EDINA GetCopy openURL resolver - this passes information about the record that you are viewing to a number of providers of online text (including EBSCOhost, Ingenta Select, and several publishers' sites), and can determine whether the text of the article that you are viewing is available online - if you are in an institution which subscribes to the appropriate service, you should be able to click through to the online article text (in many cases, UK higher education users with Athens authorization will also be able to use this when off campus). You can consult EDINA's own website for more information.

We are planning to extend this service to include links to the openURL resolvers provided by an increasing number of UK academic libraries - this will give users in those institutions access to a list of resources, both local and online, tailored to their particular institution.

New batch of data from Irish History Online

This update includes 8260 new records from Irish History Online, so that the database now includes the entire contents of the Writings on Irish History for 1980-2000 - this means that the database now includes titles accumulated since publication of the printed Writings ceased. Over 40,000 titles on Irish history are now accessible using the Irish material only option on the RHS search menu, or through the Irish History Online search menu.

Other new developments

Apart from the new records from Irish History Online, this update includes just over 6000 other new records; nearly 2500 of these cover publications of 2004-5.

As in previous updates, the indexing of numerous existing records has been improved.

We are pleased to have welcomed three new section editors to the Royal Historical Society bibliographies in the last few months - Dr Alex May (Oxford Dictionary of National Biography), handling Imperial and Commonwealth history since 1783; Dr Karen Stöber (University of Wales at Aberystwyth), handling Welsh history before 1536, and other titles in Welsh; and Dr Elisabeth Van Houts (University of Cambridge), handling English history, 1066-1500. Click here for a full list of Royal Historical Society bibliographies section editors.

We are now incorporating an increasing range of electronic journals, including:

  • The Electronic British Library Journal
  • Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History [peer reviewed articles only]
  • The Heroic Age: a journal of early medieval Northwestern Europe
  • History of Intellectual Culture
  • International Journal of Naval History
  • Journal of the Australian War Memorial
  • Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History
  • Journal for Maritime Research
  • Living Spring Journal [refereed articles and selected others only]
  • Renaissance forum : An Electronic Journal of Early-Modern Literary and Historical Studies
  • University of Sussex Journal of Contemporary History

We have added links to British History Online where the full text of items is available there. Unpublished items included in British History Online have been added to the bibliography for the sake of completeness. We will continue to add links as new material is added to British History Online.

We are now adding links to reviews published by CERCLES: Revue pluridisciplinaire du monde anglophone for works which have been reviewed there.

Update plans

Further updates are planned for late summer or early autumn and December 2005.

Published on: 
27 May 2005