New records

This update contains nearly 5800 new records, of which just over half relate to publications of 2008 and 2009. We are continuing the policy, introduced at our last update, of including records as soon as we have confirmed that a book or article has been published and relates to British or Irish history. These records carry provisional indexing which has not yet been checked by our team of academic section editors (such records can be identified by a note: 'Record not yet reviewed by RHS section editor').

410 of the new records relate to Irish history, most of them being provided by Irish History Online. The number of records in the database relating to Irish history now totals nearly 66,500; all these records are accessible using the Irish material only option on the RHS search menu, or through the Irish History Online search menu.

Although the London's Past Online project is no longer itself creating new records, new material on London history continues to be made available by the Royal Historical Society and (where titles concern the Irish in London) by Irish History Online. Nearly 300 of the new records in this update relate to London and are available using the London material only option on the RHS search menu, or through the London's Past Online search menu.

The complete database, including titles from Irish History Online and London's Past Online, now contains over 460,000 records.

You can browse all the latest additions, including those from Irish History Online and London's Past Online, by broad period/country categories (based on the sections previously used for the printed RHS Annual Bibliography) by going to our browse page.

Quick search box on welcome page

A new quick search box on the RHS Bibliography welcome page enables you to search the Bibliography for a word or words. It works in the same way as the word search box on the Simple search page. However, to get the most from the Bibliography's extensive range of features, such as filtering by period covered and browsable indexes, you should explore the options on the RHS search menu, or on the specific search menus for Irish History Online and London's Past Online.

Faster searching for some subject indexing terms

We have changed the way in which Place index searches for "England", "England and Wales", "Britain", "United Kingdom (pre-1922 boundaries)", "United Kingdom (post-1921 boundaries)", "Ireland", "Scotland" and "Wales" are carried out so that searching is faster. Additionally, when you use the Place index field to search for "England", "England and Wales" or "Britain" you will get more results because such searches now return results for records indexed as covering larger areas which will contain a lot about England or Britain. We have also speeded up searching for the larger top-level subject classifications, so that broad searches such as Subject classification: "Economic activity and organization" in Place index: "England" for Period covered: 1500-1700 will now run more quickly.

OAI compatibility

Dublin Core versions of our records are now available using the Open Archives Initiative protocol for metadata harvesting (OAI-PMH).

Links to online text and services

We have extended our links to the full text journal articles freely available in the online library of the Archaeology Data Service by including links from our records for articles in London Archaeologist, 1-10 (1968-2005). We continue to update our links to other online resources: links to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography now include the lives of people who died in 2005, added to the Oxford DNB in January 2009.

Other news

As in all updates, the indexing of many records initially published in the CD-ROM version of the RHS Bibliography has been improved.

We plan to carry out the next data upgrade in autumn 2009.

Published on: 
9 May 2009