New records

This update includes 8400 new records; just over 2200 of these cover publications of 2007 with a further 1479 covering works published in 2006.

Nearly 2200 of the new records relate to Irish history. The bulk of these comprise the Writings on Irish History for 2004, provided by Irish History Online, but some more recent publications are also included, together with almost 500 new records on the Irish abroad, including references collected in North American libraries. The number of records in the database relating to Irish history now totals 63,600; all these records are accessible using the Irish material only option on the RHS search menu, or through the Irish History Online search menu.

Although the London's Past Online project is no longer itself creating new records, new material on London history continues to be made available by the Royal Historical Society and (where titles concern the Irish in London) by Irish History Online. 413 of the new records in this update relate to London and are available using the London material only option on the RHS search menu, or through the London's Past Online search menu.

The complete database, including titles from Irish History Online and London's Past Online, now contains 441,000 records.

You can browse all the latest additions, including those from Irish History Online and London's Past Online, by broad period/country categories (based on the sections previously used for the printed RHS Annual Bibliography) by going to our browse page.

Other news

We have added links to the abstracts and/or full text of journal articles available in the online library of the Archaeology Data Service. Journals covered so far are Archaeologia Scotica (vols. 1-4, 1792-1857), Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (vols. 1-129, 1851-1999), Surrey Archaeological Collections (vols. 90-92, 2003-5: abstracts and microfiche supplements only) and Sussex Archaeological Collections (vols. 137-44, 1999-2006), together with volumes from the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Monograph series that appear in the Bibliography. The Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland links have been generated automatically from our bibliographical data, and some links may not work as a result of our treating some sections of the journal as a separate article where the ADS has not done so. Please let us know of any errors and we will endeavour to correct them. We hope to add more links to the ADS Library in future updates.

We have also added links where books have been published online by Oxford Scholarship Online. A subscription is required to view the full text at Oxford Scholarship Online, but tables of contents and abstracts are free for anyone to view.

As in all updates, the indexing of many records initially published in the CD-ROM version of the RHS Bibliography has been improved.

We plan to carry out the next data upgrade in May or June 2008.

Published on: 
29 Feb 2008