Plans for launch of Irish History Online

It is planned that Writings on Irish History Online will become available in the latter part of August 2004. The first batch of data will cover the contents of Writings on Irish History for 1989 to 1998 and will be searchable from the Royal Historical Society search menu as well as from a dedicated search menu. We are delaying the next update of the Royal Historical Society data to coincide with the launch of Irish History Online.

Other news

As the database grows, some searches (especially searches by Subject classification and by Place index) have become very slow. We hope to find a technical solution to this problem, but, as an interim measure, we have placed a warning sign against some terms in the Subject classification and Place index browsable indexes which will produce large numbers of results and which we recommend should be used only in combined searches. We have also increased the number of results shown on each page of the brief display to 100 in order to minimize the delays that may occur when a second page of results is opened. We recommend that the Publication type search available on the Search builder should be used only to restrict the results of other searches; the browsable index for this field is now generated by a new method which should ensure that the index is generated more quickly.

We plan to improve our coverage of electronic journals. Electronic journals will be included if they meet at least three of the following criteria:

  • Editorial board includes well-known scholars in the field or demonstrates association with a university department;
  • Scholarly content;
  • Published regularly, or with reasonable frequency;

Submissions are refereed.
We welcome recommendations from users for journals that might be included.

Published on: 
10 Aug 2004