Search and results screens redesigned. New features are listed below. You can click on the links for more help.

New Simple search option available from the opening Search menu provides quick and easy searching of the data by keyword. (The Search form and Search builder options previously available here are still provided: click on Full search; the Search builder is available as a link from here. Full search offers all the facilities of the former Search form in a new clearer format, except that you can no longer switch off right truncation in the fields where it is available; to use these fields without truncation, you must now use the Search builder.)

Simplified opening Search menu page for London's Past Online.

When you start from the Royal Historical Society opening Search menu, you can now search all records using all available fields on the Full search form and Search builder. The way in which the data have been indexed means that selecting some fields will still lead to earlier records being omitted from your search - you can click on the warning buttons next to the affected fields for more information.

When you start from the Royal Historical Society opening Search menu, the latest additions option no longer includes all records from London's Past Online - only records added to the Royal Historical Society data in and since January 2003, and records added to London's Past Online since January 2003, are included. A separate London material only option now enables you to search all material from London's Past Online together with all Royal Historical Society records that have been identified as relating to the Greater London area.

Revised data:

Over 1000 additional titles.

Indexing of many existing titles upgraded.

Published on: 
28 May 2003