Jacobite Studies Trust Bibliography

The Jacobite Studies Trust Bibliography marks the subject of Jacobitism's coming of age in the academic arena. Historians trained in earlier decades, implicitly dealt only with Whig politics were frequently unaware of the Jacobite side of the equation; even if we were willing to explore more widely, we were often ignorant of where to look. Now a great wealth of sources and recent studies has been spread before us, and we can have no excuse.

A revised and updated version of the Jacobite Studies Trust Bibliography, first published in 2007, is now available online at http://www.jacobitestudiestrust.org/dl.php?filename=JST_Bibliography.pdf. An invaluable resource for Jacobite Studies, this comprehensive bibliography includes works published on Jacobitism from 1688 to the present day. A useful gazetteer of websites relevant for Jacobite studies has also been published at http://www.jacobitestudiestrust.org/activities.html.

Published on: 
15 Aug 2012