History Workshop Online Archives

History Workshop Online has recently posted an online exhibition of material from the History Workshop archives held at Bishopsgate Institute. The exhibition includes an illustrated page about each of the History Workshops, some including sound clips. In addition, the thirteen pamphlets published by History Workshop between 1970 and 1974 have been digitized.

An introduction by Barbara Taylor is here: http://www.historyworkshop.org.uk/the-history-of-history-workshop/

And an index and introduction by Luke Parks is here: http://www.historyworkshop.org.uk/the-history-workshop-archives-an-introduction/

The pamphlets can be accessed from this page:http://www.historyworkshop.org.uk/history-workshop-pamphlets/

Comments are open on all of the pages; discussion is welcomed.

Please do circulate to others who might be interested.

Published on: 
22 Nov 2012