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1 day 13 hours ago
RT @waymarksblog: Marking #NationalLibrariesDay HT & big thanks to my top 4 most regular haunts @britishlibrary @SOASLibrary @SenateHouseLi
1 day 17 hours ago
'Big books by blokes about battles': why is history still written mainly by men? https://t.co/Y7VHl07WI6 https://t.co/5cbo5VDDzO
3 days 11 hours ago
The War That Forged A Nation: Why The Civil War Still Matters by James McPherson https://t.co/yxdaoi3wty @OUPAcademic
3 days 11 hours ago
New reviews: Civil War, Ottoman Empire, Early Modern Catholics and C20 Archbishop https://t.co/fmORX8Xwjd

History jobs

British Library PhD Placements
British Politicians and Statesmen
Modern European History Professor, Yale University
Senior appointment in modern European history since 1800
Oral History Volunteers
Poetry - The Inseparable part of Bengali Life 1960 - 1980
The Thomas Arthur Arnold Fund
Post-doctoral fellowships in historical studies

History news

Launch of new People’s History of the NHS website
Supported by the Wellcome Trust
Liber B is leaving London to be exhibited at the Folger...
Historic document leaves London for the first time for exhibition in the US
New £250 prize for history students
Kent Archaeological Society (KAS)