The Bodin Project

The Bodin Project is a non-profit operation the aim of which is to make available on-line materials to facilitate study and research and so to enhance knowledge and understanding of Jean Bodin, a pivotal figure in the history of sixteenth-century Europe, and especially the history of ideas.  Regularly augmented, these materials include

  • a brief biography of Bodin
  • contemporary editions of his principal publications, in .pdf format
  • links to other sites relevant to Bodinian and related studies
  • the ‘Bodin Sources Index’ compiled by Professor Kenneth D. McRae and his team
  • copy of the Bibliographie critique des editions anciennes de Jean Bodin compiled by Professor Roland Crahay and his associates 
  • an on-going bibliography of post-2000 publications in the field. 

This site is one of the outputs of a research programme, funded by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council, on ‘The Reception of Bodin’.

Published on: 
17 May 2013