Off Sick online Exhibition

How do people and their families make sense of their illness and their experiences of modern hospital? This was the question at the heart of the Off Sick Project, which considered the role of narrative in understandings of illness both in the past and the present. Incorporating historical and literary research with present-day stories gathered from family members and careers in South Wales who supported someone with a severe illness, the Project Team explored how people in these positions turned their experiences into narratives, focusing on those narratives that deal with visits to medical institutions such as hospitals, since it is as a response to institutional medicine that the idea of the illness narrative first came to the attention of scholars. In addition to a special issue of the Journal of Literature and Science (6.2 [2013], findings from the “Off Sick” Project were brought together in an exhibition, which has now been digitized.

The Exhibition contextualizes participant’s narratives historically and within literary traditions and explores different themes relevant to illness narrative research. It can be accessed on the Project website . In addition, to exploring some of the findings from the project, the Project website also provides an opportunity to contribute your own story.

Published on: 
4 Jun 2013