History news

14 Oct 2016

Charles B. Schmitt Prize 2017

As the result of generous donations from an anonymous donor and our publisher (Routledge), the International Society for Intellectual History is offering, on an annual basis, a prize to honour the contribution of Charles B. Schmitt (1933-1986) to intellectual history.

The prize is £250, plus £50 worth of Routledge books, and a year’s free membership of the ISIH with a subscription to the Society’s quarterly journal Intellectual History Review. The paper awarded the prize will also be published in the Intellectual History Review.

30 Sep 2016

Cliff (C. S. L.) Davies

The IHR is very sad to announce the death of Cliff (C. S. L.) Davies, the early modern British historian who was a fellow of Wadham College, Oxford for many years after a short period lecturing in Glasgow. He was an undergraduate at Wadham also. Cliff was the author of  Peace, Print and Protestantism 1450-1558 (1976) and the recipient of a festschrift in 2002, Authority and Consent in Tudor England. Essays Presented to C.S.L. Davies, edited by George Bernard and Steven Gunn.

30 Sep 2016

Professor Jonathan Riley-Smith

One of the world’s foremost historians of the Crusades, Jonathan Riley-Smith passed away on September 13th. His insight, originality and the ability to communicate his ideas with the utmost clarity and conviction exerted a transformative influence on international crusades scholarship. Riley-Smith addressed three basic but entirely fundamental issues concerning the Crusades: the definition of a crusade; the motives of crusaders; and the establishment and rule of the western settlers in the Holy Land.