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29 Aug 2014

Announcement: Apply now for e-learning course, Bridging the Great Divide: the Jewish-Muslim Encounter

Never has there been a greater need for an understanding of other faiths and relations between faiths. No two world religions are closer together than Judaism and Islam. In some instances, the similarities underpin shared advocacy and politics, as in Europe around protection of Halal and Kosher meat practices. Yet, too often, Judaism and Islam seem to be in conflict, particularly in the Middle East.

8 Aug 2014

Economic History Society membership benefits for students

The Economic History Society welcomes as members all those interested in economic and social history, very broadly defined.

All are welcome and the Society is particularly keen to attract new members from amongst younger scholars who may be still training or seeking their first employment in the field. There are many ways in which the Society can assist such scholars as well as attending to the needs and interests of more established historians.

For just £21 annually (£10.50 for registered students including postgraduates), members benefit from: