History news

22 Apr 2016

Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe: Modern Challenges

The Woolf Institute (Cambridge) is delighted to announce that applications are now being accepted for the e-learning course, Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe: Modern Challenges

This timely e-learning course focuses on the relationships between Jews, Christians and Muslims in modern Europe. The course is multidisciplinary and examines historical trends, religious and cultural interaction, and issues of contemporary citizenship.

31 Mar 2016

AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnership Studentship: 'Redeeming Death':

AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnership Studentship: 'Redeeming Death': Mortality, Portraiture, and the Quest for Salvation in Tudor England and Wales 

The National Portrait Gallery London – Swansea University

Closing date: 30 April 2016

3 Mar 2016

Castle Studies Trust announces 2016 grants

The Castle Studies Trust is delighted to announce the award of two grants for 2016:
  • Pembroke Castle – geophysical survey of the castle’s interior. Best known for its massive round keep built by William Marshal, the greatest knight of his age, little else is known about what exactly was in the castle’s interior.
3 Mar 2016

Dr Valerie Pearl

We are sad to report the news of the death of Dr Valerie Pearl, historian of seventeenth-century Puritan life (notably London and the outbreak of the Puritan Revolution (1961)), professor of London History at UCL, and second president of New Hall, Cambridge. Her academic papers are held by the IHR Archive.

Her funeral is on Tuesday 8 March at 10.00am at Cambridge Crematorium.

21 Feb 2016

Kent Archaeological Society’s coveted £3,000 Hasted Prize awarded

The Kent Archaeological Society’s coveted £3,000 Hasted Prize has been awarded to Dr Elizabeth Blanning (pictured above) of West Malling, Kent, who recently graduated with a PhD in Classical and Archaeological Studies at the University of Kent.

12 Feb 2016

Convenor of New Historical Perspectives

The Royal Historical Society seeks a senior scholar to become Convenor of the Editorial Board of its New Historical Perspectives series. Published in partnership with the Institute of Historical Research, New Historical Perspectives will publish innovative historical work by early career scholars. Monographs, edited essay collections and conference proceedings, and longer and shorter form works will all be published simultaneously in both print and digital formats, with the digital version made available on Open Access, free of charge to author and reader alike.

5 Feb 2016

Launch of new People’s History of the NHS website

The National Health Service, we have been told, is the closest thing we now have to a religion in Britain. Yet we are also acutely aware that this is an institution whose very future is now regularly in question. Through our new People’s History of the NHS website, and with the help of the public, we are hoping to better understand what the NHS has meant to the British people from its opening in 1948 up to its forthcoming 70th anniversary in 2018. Such a history is of obvious importance in relation to current challenges faced by the NHS.