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2 hours 42 min ago
RT : Even in the 1700s, book clubs were really about drinking and socializing https://t.co/DuvOEk1FHa https://t.co/hSoSALvfO2
2 hours 48 min ago
Seminar tonight: The Fifteenth-Century English Pilgrims and their Books - Andrew Bale https://t.co/eUqyd0kpCk
3 hours 12 min ago
RT : What question would you like to put to the first female & black https://t.co/IjAZGaAAaX
3 hours 14 min ago
Seminar tonight: Liberalism, Politics, Identity and Reform of British Sodomy Laws in the Early Nineteenth Century https://t.co/nfNfqaNvI7