4 Dec 2012

An Ecology for Digital Scholarship

Jason M. Kelly (IUPUI)
20 Nov 2012

Using GIS to explore Historical Texts

Ian Gregory (Lancaster)
6 Nov 2012

Computer-Assisted Review

Kirsten Ferguson-Boucher (University of Aberystwyth)
23 Oct 2012

Quantifying the Language of British Politics, 1880-1914

Luke Blaxill (King's College London)
15 Sep 2012

New Resources

Arthur Burns (King's College London)
4 Sep 2012

Doing History in Real Time

Professor William J. Turkel (University of Western Ontario)
21 Jun 2012

3. New Tools for Old Books

Pip Willcox (Bodleian Library, Oxford)
21 Jun 2012

1. Histore Digital Tools: Introduction to the Project

Jonathan Blaney (IHR) and Dr Matt Phillpott (IHR)