British History Online

James de la Feuille's map of London c. 1690

British History Online (BHO) is the digital library of primary and secondary sources for the history of Britain, from the Middle Ages to c.1900. To date, the project has digitised more than 1,000 volumes, including such central resources as the Victoria County History of England, the Journals of the Houses of Commons and Lords and The National Archives' Calendars (including the State Papers Domestic, Foreign and Colonial, the Treasury Books and Papers and the Letters and Papers of Henry VIII). Particular areas of strength are in local history, ecclesiastical and religious history, administrative and parliamentary history, economic and taxation history, and urban and metropolitan history. The majority of this material is freely available, but there is a small element of Premium Subscription Content (the Calendar of State Papers Domestic, the Calendar of Close Rolls and the Parliament Rolls of Medieval England). For information about how to subscribe, see

The resources published through BHO have been selected both for their centrality to historical research and for their interconnection. All have been double rekeyed to the highest standards of accuracy, allowing users to be fully confident of their search results. Users are also able to annotate and correct the sources, enhancing editions which in many cases date from the 19th century.

We have published two online video tutorials designed to help you get the most out of British History Online. The short videos, which guide you through available search and browsing options, can be accessed at