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History SPOT [Seminar Podcasts and Online Training] provides an archive of Institute of Historical Research seminars, conferences, lectures and workshops as podcasts or live streamed events and is host to our online research training materials including handbooks and training courses. 


Research Seminars, Lectures and Conferences

History SPOT is brimming full of podcasts from IHR seminars, conferences and lectures from 2009 to the present.  In addition to our extensive archives you will have access to all new podcasts from the IHR in the coming months and have the opportunity to discuss, comment upon and debate their content online.   Unlike many other podcast sites History SPOT attempts to embed the podcast within other resources such as abstracts, bibliographies, and discussions. 

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Historical Research Training

History SPOT presents to you for free and for the first time material from our research training courses and from our expertise’s as a research institute.  Initially we have provided several research handbooks but training courses will follow shortly.

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Project Background

The History SPOT platform was developed between March 2010 and March 2011 as a pilot entitled IHR Digital Seminar and Research Training Project.  Its purpose was to re-develop IHR core activities as online resources.  This “Phase One” focused on establishing procedures to record the IHR Research Seminars as podcasts and to develop live streamed events in both audio and visual media.  The greater part of Phase One was focused upon the development of a new multi-system platform which would enable the IHR to lead the way in the provision and use of digital technologies in the humanities.  This platform went live as a beta (test) site on 19 September 2011 and became fully active in January 2012.


The initial project had two key aims;

  1. To deliver the IHR Seminars online through podcasting and live-streaming with additional content
  2. To develop an online presence for the IHR postgraduate research training programme


The Project Team

The project was managed by Dr Jane Winters, IHR Head of Publications and IHR Digital, with Dr Matthew Phillpott working as the Project Officer. It is also more generally supported by the IHR Digital team. Design and development was provided by the University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) and by IHR Digital’s website manager Martin Steer.  The content of the Research Training Programme is being handled by the IHR’s Dr Mark Merry and Dr Simon Trafford.


Project Links

History SPOT Project Blog: The Project Officer’s blog and home to the SPOT Newsletter (a regular summary/review/opinion piece, for resources uploaded to History SPOT). 



Scoping report (2010) - Exisiting services for online lectures and seminars

Survey report (2010) - IHR Online Research Seminar Delivery Survey