Feeding the city (II): London's impact on the agrarian economy of southern England, c.1290-1400

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The second stage of this project switches attention from the years around 1300 when London achieved its peak medieval population (see Feeding the city (I)), to the very different world of the later fourteenth century. Plagues and other events drastically reduced the population, both in the city and in the country at large, and inaugurated new patterns of rural production and of consumption. The study throws light on the growth of commercialised agriculture, on the dynamics of the late medieval economy, and on the capacity of early societies to maintain great cities.


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The dataset 'Feeding the City II: Demesne Agriculture in the London Region 1375-1400' has been deposited with the UK Data Service Study No. 3318.


CMH Annual Reports 1991-2, 1992-3, 1993-4; End of Award Report; Tenth Anniversary Conference paper

Project details

Associate Supervisor: Bruce M.S. Campbell B.A. Ph.D. (The Queen's University, Belfast)
Researchers: James Galloway M.A., Ph.D., Margaret Murphy, B.A., Ph.D.
Funded by: ESRC (Ref: R000233157) (1 October 1991-31 July 1994)
Amount Awarded: £147,140