London cases in the court of Exchequer, 1727-1841 - accessibility study

The Exchequer Cout

Eighteenth century legal records contain a wealth of information about London business and social history, but are little used because most of their existing indexes are to plaintiffs' names only, making a subject approach very difficult. This study provides an introduction to the contents of the Exchequer Court (equity side) London, Middlesex and Surrey files for the period 1727-1841, and to the ways in which they can most effectively be exploited given the limitations of the finding aids.


Tony Trowles, 'Eighteenth-century Exchequer records as a genealogical source', Genealogists' Magazine, 25 no. 3 (September 1995), 93-98.


CMH Annual Reports 1991-2, 1992-3

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Researcher: Tony Trowles, B.A., D.Phil.
Funded by: The Pilgrim Trust, The Worshipful Company of Scriveners, The Honourable Society of Gray's Inn, Clifford Chance, and Linklaters & Paines.