IHR conference series

A history of the French in London: liberty, equality, opportunity
Debra Kelly and Martyn Cornick (eds.)

A history of the French in London cover imageThis important new book examines the history of the social, cultural, political and economic presence of the French in London, and explores the multiple ways in which this presence has contributed to the life of the city. From the Huguenots to the 21st-century French inhabitants of the capital, it analyses the impact that the French have had, and continue to have, on London life in the arts, gastronomy, business, industry and education.

Past and Future magazine

The 2014 spring/summer edition of Past and Future includes articles from Kate Tiller (Kellogg College), Jill Pellew (IHR) and David Bates.


Historical Research February 2014

Articles include: Investigating the sixties at a sixties institution by Lucy Robinson and Chris Warne.

This article considers historical approaches to the sixties over a period of 30 years, looking at teaching practice and the evolution of  ‘The sixties’ course at the University of Sussex.