Historical Research

Latest issue - August 2016

Articles include: Anne of Kiev and maternal power in the minority kingship of Philip I by Emily Ward and Alexander Maconochie's regime at Birmingham prison, 1849–51 by J. M. Moore

New Virtual Issue on Anglo-Irish relations

To mark the centenary of the Easter Rising we have put together a collection of previously published articles from Historical Research and podcasts from the IHR research seminar series on the theme of Anglo-Irish relations. This content can be accessed freely for a limited period.

Forthcoming articles

  • Seven rediscovered letters of Princess Elizabeth. Alan Bryson
  • 'To become again our brethren': desertion and community between the lines, 1775-83. Jonathan Chandler
  • Butlers and dish-bearers in Anglo-Saxon courts: household officers at the royal table. Alban Gautier