Historical Research

Historical Research latest issue - May 2018

Articles include:

The vernacular in Anglo‐Saxon charters: expansion and innovation in ninth‐century England by Robert Gallagher

Public ritual, martial forms and the restoration of the monarchy in English towns by Amy Calladine

‘Young China’ in Europe: the lives and politics of the May Fourth youth in France, 1919–23 by Nagatomi Hirayama

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Virtual Special Issue 2018 - Correspondence

Enjoy this collection of previously published articles from Historical Research as well as IHR podcasts, all on the theme of correspondence.

Covering a wide range of subjects, including witchcraft, adulterous love-affairs, prisoners of war and early modern letters between parents and children.

All articles are available for a year on Open Access.

Forthcoming articles

  • Doorkeepers, the chamberlain and petitioning at the papal court, c.1150-1200. Benedict Wiedermann.
  • A Queenly Affinity? Catherine of Aragon's Estates and Henry VIII’s Great Matter. Michelle Beer.
  • The British women’s suffrage movement and the ancient constitution, 1867–1909. Joel Barnes.