Historical Research

Historical Research latest issue - November 2017

Articles include:

Wales in late medieval and early modern English histories: neglect, rediscovery, and their implications by Tim Thornton

Royal office and private ventures: the fortunes of a Maltese nobleman in Sicily, 1725–50 by Anton Caruana Galizia

Eugenics, socialists and the labour movement in Britain, 1865–1940. David Redvaldsen

Virtual issue: Women historians in Historical Research

To celebrate Women’s History Month this March we have brought together a selection of articles by women historians published since 2000. The collection includes academics at various stages of their careers – from eminent professors to early career researchers – and highlights the range and depth of women’s research interests. Articles are free to read throughout 2017.

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Forthcoming articles

  • Doorkeepers, the chamberlain and petitioning at the papal court, c.1150-1200. Benedict Wiedermann.
  • Venality at court: some preliminary thoughts on the sale of household office 1660-1800. Robert Bucholz
  • The Royal Navy and sea power in British strategy, 1945-55. Tim Benbow