Historical Research

Latest issue - February 2016

Articles include: Royal death and living memorials: the funerals and commemoration of George V and George VI, 1936–52 by Ina Zweiniger-Bargielowska and The Engagement controversy: a victory for the English republic by Amos Tubb.

Maximising impact

Historical Research is committed to maximising the impact of our articles.  As well as publishing all abstracts on the IHR blog and Facebook page, we provide the following:
•    Altmetric information which tracks and measures impact
•    Kudos: a toolkit for explaining your work in plain language and for enriching it with links to related materials.

Forthcoming articles

  • Anne of Kiev (c.1024–c.1075) and a reassessment of maternal power in the minority kingship of Philip I of France. Emily Ward
  • Memories of violence and New English identities in early modern Ireland. Joan Redmond
  • ‘That racial chasm that yawns eternally in our midst’: the British Empire and the politics of Asian migration, 1900–14. Cornelis Heere
  • ‘British news and humanitarianism and the Russian famine, 1891–2. Luke Kelly