Historical Research

Latest issue - February 2015

Articles include: The rise of the promeneur: walking the city in 18th-century Paris by Laurent Turcot, on how the elite descended from their carriages to roam the city afoot.


Latest virtual issue

The Great War 1914-18

A virtual issue commemorating the 100th anniversary of the First World War includes articles on Kitchener and that famous poster, war poetry and soldiers’ emotions.

Forthcoming articles

  • Obstinate juries, impudent barristers and scandalous verdicts? Compensating the victims of the Gordon Riots of 1780 and the Priestley Riots of 1791. Jonathan Atherton
  • Hagiography and Norman ducal genealogy in twelfth-century England. Ilya Afanasyev
  • Religion, politics and patronage in the late Hanoverian navy, c.1780-c.1820. Gareth Atkins
  • Recovering Charles I’s art collection: some implications of the 1660 Act of Indemnity and Oblivion. Andrew Barclay