Historical Research

Latest issue - February 2017

Special issue: The Russian Revolution: New directions in Research.

Articles include: Matthew Rendle and Anna Lively on commemorating the Revolution in Putin’s Russia

All articles freely available throughout 2017.

Publons – getting credit for peer review

Historical Research now participates in Publons.com. Publons gives reviewers credit for their contributions in a format they can include in c.v.s and funding applications.

If you are interested in reviewing for the journal please contact the executive editor: julie.spraggon@sas.ac.uk.


Forthcoming articles

  • Getting out of jail: suicide, escapes and releases in late medieval and Renaissance Bologna. Trevor Dean
  • Charles Mason, the ‘King of China’: British imperial adventuring in the late nineteenth century. Catherine Ladds
  • Round-head Knaves’: The Ballad of Wrexham and the subversive political culture of Interregnum north-east Wales. Sarah Ward