Historical Research

Latest issue - May 2016

Articles include: Writing the adulterous affair in England, c.1740–1830 by Sally Holloway and The representation and experience of English urban fire disasters, c.1580–1640 by John E. Morgan

New Virtual Issue on Anglo-Irish relations

To mark the centenary of the Easter Rising we have put together a collection of previously published articles from Historical Research and podcasts from the IHR research seminar series on the theme of Anglo-Irish relations. This content can be accessed freely for a limited period.

Forthcoming articles

  • The A.A.A.S. Committee on Evolution around the Scopes trial: race, eugenics and public science in the U.S.. Alexander Pavuk
  • ‘The Gallaunts of Fawey’: a case study of Fowey during the Hundred Years’ War, c.1337–99.Samuel Drake
  • Negotiating public history in the Republic of Ireland: collaborative, applied and usable practices for the profession. Thomas Cauvin
  • A ‘conservative’ family? The Howard women and religious identity during the early Reformation. Nicola Clark