Historical Research

Maximising impact

Historical Research is committed to maximising the impact of our articles.  As well as publishing all abstracts on the IHR blog and Facebook page, we provide the following:
•    Altmetric information which tracks and measures impact
•    Kudos: a toolkit for explaining your work in plain language and for enriching it with links to related materials.

Forthcoming articles

  • National service: the University of London Library during the Second World War. Karen Attar
  • Recording, reporting and printing the Cromwellian ‘kingship debates’ of 1657. Jonathan  Fitzgibbons
  • Magna Carta, canon law, and pastoral care: excommunication and the church's publication of the charter. Felicity G. Hill
  • An inflammatory match? Public anxiety and political assurance at the wedding of William III and Mary II. Catriona Murray