Humanities Digital Library and open access

Humanities Digital Library

The Humanities Digital Library is a new open access resource for scholarly books, led by the IHR. Launched in January 2017, the Library combines new publications with access to works previously available only in print—including titles from the IHR’s conference series. Partners include the Royal Historical Society.

IHR / RHS ‘New Historical Perspectives’ series

New Historical Perspectives is a scholarly series commissioned and edited by the Royal Historical Society (RHS), and published by the IHR. The series is open to early career scholars, and those who collaborate with early career researchers on edited collections or co-authored monographs. Works in the series will be published both as online open access publications (as part of the Humanities Digital Library) and in hard copy.

Open access and the IHR

Open access refers to the free access to and generally free reuse (usually with some restrictions) of published research. It represents a shift in attitudes about the dissemination and utility of research and the cost of access to readers and scholars. Selected books published by the IHR are now available as open access via the Humanities Digital Library.

IHR books on open access

Titles now available on open access include A History of the French in London, London and Beyond, and Gender and Historiography. A full listing of open access IHR books is available on the Humanities Digital Library.