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The IHR is also a leading contributor to Open Access publishing. The Humanities Digital Library, an OA platform for scholarly books, was launched in January 2017. The Institute also runs New Historical Perspectives, an OA monographs series with the Royal Historical Society.

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Humanities Digital Library

The Humanities Digital Library is a new open access resource for scholarly books, led by the IHR. Launched in January 2017, the Library combines new publications with access to works previously available only in print—including titles from the IHR’s conference series. Partners include the Royal Historical Society.

Historical Research February 2017

Special issue: The Russian Revolution: New directions in Research.

Articles include: Matthew Rendle and Anna Lively on commemorating the Revolution in Putin’s Russia

All articles freely available throughout 2017.

Past and Future magazine

The centenary of the Russian Revolution inspires the cover image for this issue, as well as an article by Matthew Rendle, Guest Editor of a special issue of Historical Research on the same theme.


IHR conference series

‘Nobler imaginings and mightier struggles’:
Octavia Hill, social activism, and the remaking of British society (eds.)

This volume reassesses the life and work of Octavia Hill, housing reformer, open space campaigner, co-founder of the National Trust, founder of the Army Cadet Force, and the first woman to be invited to sit on a royal commission