Research training courses at the IHR

Research Training at the IHR

The IHR runs an acclaimed and wide-ranging programme of training in essential skills for historical researchers of every sort from throughout the UK and the world. Using a range of teaching approaches (workshops, seminars, visits, hands-on practicals and online tutoring), important techniques and strategies are explained by expert practitioners. Courses are short, cover the whole range of necessary skills – from archival use and languages to databases and GIS – and are priced to be within the means of students.

One-day workshop: Public Speaking for Historians

Love it or loathe it, public speaking is a key part of the historian’s job and an essential skill not just for conferences, but for teaching, interviews and all the other times we present our work. In this one-day interactive workshop, you will learn all the techniques of effective communication, enhance your confidence and ready yourself to face any audience.