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Historical fiction

This one-day workshop, open to all authors or budding authors, will show how to research the history behind historical fiction, with detailed guidance on using published works of history, finding and employing primary source materials and getting the most from libraries, archives, museums and art galleries.

Historical Mapping and Geographical Information Systems

Course date(s): 
25 Nov 2014
Researchers increasingly see the value of including mapping in their work, but the software used for creating maps - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – can do much more than simply create maps as illustrations. GIS is being used in a variety of contexts to make sense of information with a spatial component, be it at the level of buildings and streets or at the level of nations, and to perform sophisticated geospatial and topographical analyses. Historians approaching their work with geographical research questions in mind not only have to come to terms with the cartographical and technical learning curves that come with the use of GIS, but they also have to address the added complication of changing geographical ‘units’ (both administrative boundaries and physical topography) over time. Fortunately, these complexities can be overcome, turning GIS into an extremely powerful research tool.

History and data management: necessary bedfellows?

Course date(s): 
12 Dec 2013
As part of the History DMT project between the Institute of Historical Research, Department of History at the University of Hull, and the Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield, we will be running a series of workshops on the topic of managing data. Here are the details for the first workshop. Attendance is free and bursaries are available for travel costs.

How to Broadcast your Research: Media Training for Historians

Course date(s): 
4 Nov 2014
Are you looking to increase your media profile? Do you stumble and fumble when in front of a camera? Are you protective about your research wary of handing over all your hard work to some enquiring TV researcher? This one-day media training course, run by the IHR in association with GradTrain, is especially designed for academics and PGRs who are interested in engaging with the media at all levels.