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Internet for historical research

Course date(s): 
10 Dec 2013
4 Mar 2014
2 Jun 2014
This intensive one-day workshop will equip students with the knowledge and skills to use the internet with confidence as a tool for historical research. It introduces the principal online resources available to historical researchers, and shows how to make best use of them in pursuit of primary sources and secondary literature. Suitable for those at any stage of an academic career who wish to build or refresh their skills, the course covers English-language material for British, European and world history from late antiquity to the present.

Managing Your Research: From Creating to Sharing

Course date(s): 
27 Feb 2014
Managing your research: from creating to sharing To be effective researchers, historians must learn skills to enable them to manage their research processes so that everything they do is recoverable, usable, and useful. This workshop is intended to help postgraduate students and early career researchers to think more about what it is they do, to learn about digital tools that can help them become better and more efficient historians, and to recognise the importance of being able to share that research in terms of both the data/research gathered and in terms of publishing.

Medieval and Renaissance Latin for historians

Course date(s): 
9 Oct 2013 to 11 Dec 2013
15 Jan 2014 to 19 Mar 2014
30 Apr 2014 to 2 Jul 2014
This course is a comprehensive introduction to post-classical Latin. Aimed at complete beginners or those with a rusty smattering of school Latin, it will cover the fundamentals of grammar and provide a grounding in general vocabulary and the specialised language frequently encountered in historical source materials. The course may be taken as a complete unit over three terms or as three separate modules - Beginners, Intermediate and Further - each lasting one term.

Methodologies for Material Culture II: Literary Culture

Course date(s): 
23 Sep 2013
The IHR, in partnership with the Museum of London, the London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre and the Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the University of Kent, is offering a series of free workshops (funded under the AHRC's Collaborative Skills Development Programme for postgraduates and early career researchers) on methodologies for material culture. The second workshop will take place at Senate House Library on 23 September and will focus on literary culture.