Day School in London History

Course date(s): 
22 Jun 2018
Course tutor(s): 
Dr Simon Trafford


The London History Day School is presented in association with the Centre for Metropolitan History (CMH) and will feature tutors from the principal archives and research units concerned with London. We shall cover the incredibly rich and abundant history of London and its surrounding area, exploring both its identity as a capital city but also the special qualities of its many constituent towns, villages and suburbs. Participants will have ample opportunities to discuss their own work with each other and with the experts; the aim is to provide a showcase for London local history and a forum for the exchange of ideas, views and approaches.

The day school is open to all those keen to expand or update their skills in local history research. The full fee is £75. A concessionary fee of £60 is also available.


The programme will be announced in due course.

To give a taste of what to expect, however, last year's programme was as follows:

  • 09.00 Introduction
  • 09.30 Nathalie Cohen (Museum of London Archaeology): 'The Fishful Thames: evidence for fishing on London’s river from the Anglo-Saxon to the Victorian period'
  • 10.20 Eliott Wragg (Museum of London Archaeology): 'London Shipbuilding from Sail to Steam'
  • 11.15 Coffee
  • 11.45 Dr Peter Jones (IHR): ‘"The Key of the Street": Uncovering the Unauthorized Histories of Urban Locality'
  • 12.45 Lunch
  • 14.00 Matt Bristow (Victoria County History): 'London pubs'
  • 15.00 Keynote Lecture: Dr Duncan Hay (Survey of London): 'Survey of London Whitechapel: Writing East London's Histories Online'. 
  • 16.00 Tea
  • 16.30 Dr Tony Keen (University of Roehampton): 'Mythological iconography in London's architectural fabric'
  • 17.30 Finish



Abstracts will be posted here in due course.