Day for new research students

Course date(s): 
1 Oct 2013


The Institute of Historical Research is delighted to welcome those commencing research degrees in history and related disciplines in London, the South East and throughout the UK. Over the course of an afternoon, we shall introduce the IHR and its remit to assist and promote historical research of all sorts. Join us for lunch and then learn about our library, seminars, conferences, publications, website and training in specialised research skills and how they can help you. Hear also about the History Lab, the postgraduate support network run by and for those undertaking research degrees in history. Free to all new research students in history and in historical subjects from other disciplines.

Course details

The University of London’s Institute of Historical Research, in conjunction with The History Lab, is pleased to announce its annual Day for New Research Students. The day will provide an opportunity to learn about IHR publications on- and off- line and about the wide range of IHR activities – lectures, seminars, conferences and training courses available to postgraduate students in history and associated disciplines.

From 5.30 - 7.30, the History Lab will be running their first workshop of the new academic year. The title is ‘What I wish I’d known then: advice for those starting a History PhD’. This will take place in room 246, on the second floor of Senate House and will be followed by the History Lab Autumn Social, which will take place in the Marquis of Cornwallis on Marchmont St. All attendees at the IHR’s New Research Students Day are strongly encouraged to attend.


12.45   Lunch and Registration

1.30     Introduction by Professor Miles Taylor, IHR Director

1.50     Training courses – Dr Simon Trafford, IHR Research Training Officer

2.10     Digital and Online Training – Dr Matt Phillpott

2.25     Palaeography – Dr Jenny Stratford

2.40     Seminars - Professor Sally Alexander (Goldsmiths)

3.00     Refreshments

3.20     Information services – Dr Jane Winters, Head of Publications and Kate Wilcox, Librarian

3.35     Senate House Library – Dr Jordan Landes

4.10     Introduction to The History Lab – Zoe Thomas

4.30     Finish