Forthcoming courses

An introduction to oral history

Course date(s): 
28 Apr 2014 to 7 Jul 2014
This course is a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of oral history. Participants will learn though classroom teaching and practical sessions how to conduct their own interviews. As well as addressing theoretical and methodological issues, An Introduction to Oral History will help students to develop practical skills in interviewing, recording, and the organisation and preservation of oral material.

Medieval and Renaissance Latin for historians

Course date(s): 
30 Apr 2014 to 2 Jul 2014
This course is a comprehensive introduction to post-classical Latin. Aimed at complete beginners or those with a rusty smattering of school Latin, it will cover the fundamentals of grammar and provide a grounding in general vocabulary and the specialised language frequently encountered in historical source materials. The course may be taken as a complete unit over three terms or as three separate modules - Beginners, Intermediate and Further - each lasting one term.

Historical Mapping and Geographical Information Systems

Course date(s): 
6 May 2014
Researchers increasingly see the value of including mapping in their work, but the software used for creating maps - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – can do much more than simply create maps as illustrations. GIS is being used in a variety of contexts to make sense of information with a spatial component, be it at the level of buildings and streets or at the level of nations, and to perform sophisticated geospatial and topographical analyses. Historians approaching their work with geographical research questions in mind not only have to come to terms with the cartographical and technical learning curves that come with the use of GIS, but they also have to address the added complication of changing geographical ‘units’ (both administrative boundaries and physical topography) over time. Fortunately, these complexities can be overcome, turning GIS into an extremely powerful research tool.

Oral history spring school

Course date(s): 
8 May 2014 to 10 May 2014
The 2014 Spring School in Oral History will be held at the Institute of Historical Research in association with the Oral History Society. The programme addresses six major areas: memory; emotion; representativeness and generalisability; analysing data; re-using archived interviews; outputs and impacts. The final day will include a discussion of teaching oral history in Higher Education.

Historic Gardens: Research in Action

Course date(s): 
13 May 2014 to 1 Jul 2014
This course provides an introduction to how archival research findings on historic gardens can contribute to garden restoration, conservation and management. Taught on Tuesday mornings (11.00-13.00), Historic Gardens: Research in Action adopts a case-study approach to the exploration of these relationships through a combination of lectures, seminar-based discussions and site visits.