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Whose War of 1812? Competing Memories of the Anglo-American ConflictPrinter-friendly versionPDF version

1812: A Nation Emerges
Sidney Hart, Rachel Penman
Washington, Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, 2012, ISBN: 9781935623090; 296pp.; Price: £31.95
Mr. and Mrs. Madison’s War: America’s First Couple and the Second War of Independence
Hugh Howard
New York, NY, Bloomsbury, 2012, ISBN: 9781608190713; 384pp.; Price: £25.00
1812: War and the Passions of Patriotism
Nicole Eustace
Philadelphia, PA, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012, ISBN: 9780812244311; 352pp.; Price: £23.00
The War of 1812: Conflict for a Continent
J. C. A. Stagg
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2012, ISBN: 9780521726863; 216pp.; Price: £15.99
The Weight of Vengeance: The United States, the British Empire, and the War of 1812
Troy Bickham
New York, NY, Oxford University Press, 2012, ISBN: 9780195391787; 352pp.; Price: £22.50
Dr Jasper Trautsch
German Historical Institute Washington
Dr Jasper Trautsch, review of Whose War of 1812? Competing Memories of the Anglo-American Conflict, (review no. 1387)
Date accessed: 26 October, 2014


M.M BennettsThu, 28/02/2013 - 18:19
A pity you didn't also include Andrew Lambert's towering history of the war, "The Challenge: Britain Against America in the Naval War of 1812".