Fellow studyingOur International Fellowship schemes will support a five-year programme for young researchers from countries such as China, Russia, South Korea, Japan and South Africa to come and use the Institute for periods between three months and one year. A new Library Fellowship sabbatical scheme will bring overseas scholars to use the IHR and other local libraries for short periods. In addition, we are open to exploring the possibility of setting up schemes around particular subject areas.

The IHR currently has almost 30 junior fellows in history on a range of programmes. We host fellowships for the Royal Historical Society, the Economic History Society, the Past and Present Society and the Scouloudi Foundation, as well as running niche fellowships in Jacobite Studies and Naval History. We also run a pre-doctoral fellowship programme for North American graduate students, funded by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation, now in its 10th year. Our junior fellowship creates a lively community of scholars, for whom we run a separate seminar programme and give support to their own workshops and colloquia.

A junior fellowship at the IHR is often the first step on the road to an academic career. Nothing quite gives sustainability to an important discipline than promoting its study amongst the early career researcher community.

Each programme is at a different stage of development and the costs vary. Please contact the Development Office for further information.