The IHR requires a major endowment which can release a substantial and reliable flow of funds to the operating budget, in order to ensure its future sustainability. Our goal is to raise £25 million over the next ten years, leading up to our centenary.

In support of this goal, the IHR was awarded a prestigious US$1 million Challenge Grant from the Andrew W Mellon Foundation in New York. The total sum is available to the IHR for use as a permanent endowment. The grant will be released on a 2:1 matched funding basis, in US$100,000 installments.  

Any unrestricted gift of any size is eligible to unlock this crucial funding, and a donation to endowment enables you to make a gift that will support the IHR annually for years to come. There is no better way to ensure the Institute’s future. 

In addition, major donors may choose to make restricted gifts of endowment to support regular activities, such as the History of London Chair. If you are interested in exploring your ideas for endowed activities further, please get in touch.

It is worth noting that the tutors who deliver the teaching are not only recognised experts in the field of urban and regional history, but are also ideally qualified to provide the practical, skills-based training on which the Programme depends. The IHR constitutes an outstanding resource in this respect.

Professor Carole Rawcliffe, University of East Anglia, Independent Assessor, 2011