About the IHR Trust

The IHR Trust is an independent charity governed by a Board of Trustees (Registered Charity Number 1077592).  The objective of the IHR Trust is to promote the public understanding and appreciation of history.  It does this, in particular, through its support of the whole programme of the Institute of Historical Research.  The activities of the Trust are supported by donations from third parties and through careful stewardship of existing assets.



  • Professor Caroline Barron
  • Professor Sir David Cannadine (Chair)
  • Mr Taylor Downing
  • Mr David Eisenberg
  • Dr Elisabeth Kehoe
  • Dr Jill Pellew
  • Dr Alice Prochaska
  • Ms Elaine Walters


Ex-Officio Trustees

  • Professor Sir David Eastwood
  • Professor Lawrence Goldman
  • Professor Roger Kain