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Index of Intercollegiate Courses

Shortened course titleGroupInstitution
Abraham Lincoln and the Crisis of the Union, 1854-18653UCL
Africa's Deep Past: Sub-Saharan Africa to 18002UCL
The Age of Emancipation: Slavery and Freedom in the Atlantic World, 1763-18963QMUL
The Age of Religious Wars3UCL
The Age of Revolutions: Global Perspectives3QMUL
Alexander the Great3King's
American History in Hollywood Film2UCL
The American Revolution and the Creation of the United States, 1760-18153King's
Ancient Warfare: Assyrian and Greek Perspectives3UCL
Animals, Demons and the Boundaries of the Human in the Late Middle Ages3UCL
Antipodean Encounters: Aborigines, Convicts and Settlers in New South Wales, c.1770-18503UCL
Apocalypse Now: Crisis, Change and Later Medieval Mentalities3QMUL
Aristocratic Culture and Society in Medieval Europe2King's
The Assyrian Empire3UCL
Athenian Law II2UCL
Augustus: Power and Propaganda3King's
Australia in the Second World War: Strategy, Politics and Diplomacy 3King's
Behind Closed Doors: Houses, Interiors and Domestic Life, c.1660-c.18303QMUL
Berlin: A European Metropolis in the Twentieth Century3RH
Between Order and Disorder: Cities in the Late Medieval Mediterranean World3RH
The Black Death2King's
Blasphemy, Irreligion and the English Enlightenment, 1650-17203RH
Bodies and Drugs: A Global History of Medicine2GC
Britain's Thatcher3King's
British Cinema and the Second World War3QMUL
British Civil Wars and Interregnum 1627-603UCL
British Economic History 1700-19392King's
British Economic History in the Age of the Great Depression3King's
British Imperial Policy and Decolonisation3King's
The Byzantine Empire, 600-14532King's
Byzantinium and its Neighbours 601-10712RH
Capitalism and Empire: The economics of British Global Expansion2King's
Caribbean Intellectual History, c.1800 to the Present3King's
Carolingian Europe, c.750-9003King's
Causes and Consequences of the Fall of Constantinople3RH
The Central Powers in the First World War, 1914-182GC
Charlemagne and his heirs, c.750-9002King's
China and the World: Migration and Diaspora 1800-19453RH
Christians and Pagans from Constantine to Augustine (AD 306-430)3RH
Church, State and Nation in Britain, 1750-19392King's
City in the Roman World 100 BC-AD 5002UCL
The Civilising Mission: French Imperialism since 17502King's
Clash of Powers and Cultures3RH
Competitive Men: The Politics of Competition in Ancient Greece3UCL
Conflict, Coexistence and Cooperation: South Asia’s International Relations since 19002RH
Credit, Money and Crisis in the Global Economy, 1700-19702UCL
Crime and Law in Early Modern England2King's
Crime and Popular Disorder in Georgian England2UCL
Crisis of the American Republic, 1857-18772UCL
Crowd to Court: Cultures of Politics in Later Hanoverian Britain2King's
Crown, Church and Estates in Central Europe, 1500-17002SSEES, UCL
Crusades and the Eastern Mediterranean, 1095-12912RH
Culture Wars. Religion and Politics, c. 1780-18803King's
Daily Life in Renaissance and Baroque Italian Cities2RH
Modernizing Despots and Angry Mullahs: Development and Popular Resistance in the Muslim World, 1930-19802RH
'The Devil's Decade': Britain, America and the Great Slump, 1929-412RH
'Dragon Ladies'? Society, Politics and Gender in Modern China2RH
Drawing the Line: Independence, Partition, and the Making of India and Pakistan3RH
Dutch Golden Age2UCL
East and West through Travel Writing3SSEES, UCL
An Economic History of Ancient Greece2UCL
Egypt in the Roman Empire3RH
Electoral Politics in Britain, 1868-19452King's
Empire in Victorian Britain c. 1830-18703RH
Empires in Comparative Perspective: Imperium Romanum to Pax Americana2GC
English and British Political Culture c1595-1606 and the Accession of King James I3QMUL
The Enlightenment3King's
The Enlightenment (I) and (II)3QMUL
Enlightenment, Catholicism and the State1SSEES, UCL
Entangled Histories: The Interconnected Atlantic World 1500-18002RH
Enlightenment, Catholicism and the State1SSEES, UCL
The Enthronement of Learning: Medieval Universities and their Legacy3QMUL
Europe in the Age of Revolution and Napoleon2King's
European Cities, 1100-1600: Cooperation, Creativity and Competition3King's
European Jewry and the Transition to Modernity2King's
European Revolutions of 18482UCL
Exhibiting the First World War3King's
Experience, Culture and Identity2RH
The experience of power in Nigeria since 19003RH
Faith, Nation and Empire in Modern East-Central Europe2King's
Faith and Fire: Religious Culture in England c.1375-15253RH
Fall and Rise of the Polish Nation2SSEES, UCL
Fall of the Roman Republic3UCL
The First European Union? Christendom 1100-13502UCL
France: Occupation, Resistance and Collaboration in the Second World War3QMUL
The French Civil War3QMUL
French Civil War, 1934-19702King's
French Revolution3QMUL
Friends. Political Bonds in Late Medieval and Renaissance Italy2King's
From Constantinople to Alexandria: Eastern Mediterranean Cities, 1798-19562RH
Gandhi and Gandhism, 1869-19483GC
Gender and Society in the Non-Western World since 18002RH
Genocide2RH (Egham)
Great Britain and the American Colonies, 1760-17763UCL
Greek Pottery and Painting, 800-300 B.C.2King's
Greek Sculpture, 750-300 B.C.2UCL
Dark Age Politics - A Survivor's Guide2King's
Health, Healing and Illness in Africa2GC
The "Heart of Darkness"? Identity, Power, and Politics in the Congo, c.1870-20103QMUL
Heresy, Crusade and Inquisition3RH
Heresy, the Occult and the Apocalypse in Early Modern Europe2GC
History and Culture of Korea to the late Nineteenth Century1SOAS
History and Historiography of the Holocaust3RH
History of Australia2King's
History of Russia, 1598-18561SSEES, UCL
History of Russia to 15981SSEES, UCL
History of the Habsburg Monarchy 1700-19181SSEES, UCL
The Idea of 'the West': A History from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-first Century3King's
Ideology, Culture and Society in Latin America from Independence2UCL
India and the Global Economy2UCL
The Industrial Revolution2UCL
The Intellectual Landscape of the Late Roman Republic 3UCL
Islamic Empires in a Comparative Perspective: The Foundations of Mediterranean Politics in the Age of the Crusades2UCL
Islamic Revival 2RH
Ivan the Terrible and the Russian Monarchy in the 16th Century3SSEES, UCL
Justice, Power and Religion in the Muslim World: The History of ShariĘża Law2RH
The Kennedy Years3QMUL
Knowledge, Power and the State in Britain, 1660-18013UCL
Lahore and Istanbul: Modernity in the Muslim Imperial City, 1850-19602RH
Life in the Trenches: Perspectives on British Military History, 1914-183GC
Life Writing: Memory and Identity in Twentieth Century Europe3SSEES, UCL
The Lives of Oscar Wilde3QMUL
Lives, Letters and Lifestyles: English Political Society during the Wars of the Roses3QMUL
Living the Empire: Metropole and Colony in the 1830s3UCL
London: Urban Society, 1400-16002RH
Love and Fear: Political Thought and the Passions in Italy3King's
Making of a Colonial Regime, Eastern India, 1780-18203King's
Making of the Modern Middle East1SOAS
Malcolm X and African American Islam3RHUL
Making Thatcher's Britain: The Thatcher Revolution 1975-973QMUL
Marriage and Monarchy: the Middle Ages from a World Historical Perspective2UCL
Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement, 1955-19682RH
Mass Culture in the Age of Revolution: Russia 1900-19323SSEES, UCL
A Material History of Britain 1900-19503King's
Mayas, Aztecs, Incas, Spaniards2King's
Mechanisms of Power: Running the Roman Empire3UCL
Media, Culture and Society in the Soviet Union from Stalin to 19912SSEES, UCL
Medicine on the Silk Roads: Traditions and Transmissions3GC
Medicine and Society in Medieval Europe2RH
Medieval Monsters: Foreigners and Other Oddities in the Medieval Imagination2GC
Medieval Universe2UCL
Mediterranean Encounters: Venice and the Ottoman Empire2GC
Migrants and Expats in the Middle Bronze Age2UCL
Migration, Identity and Citizenship in Modern Britain3RH
Minorities in East-Central Europe: Coexistence, Integration and Annihilation, c.1870-19502GC
Modern and Contemporary Italy2RH
Modern Germany 1815-19901SSEES, UCL
Modern Girls: Women in Britain, c.1914-19842RH
Modern Japan1SOAS
Modern Leviathan: The State in the Twentieth Century3QMUL
Modern Middle East since c.18802RH
Modern Political Ideas2RH
Modern Revolutions in Comparative Perspective3GC
Modern South Asia: Disease, Medicine, Empire and nation c. 1600-19472GC
Modernity and Modernism3UCL
Monarchs and the Enlightenment in Russia and Central Europe3SSEES, UCL
Money, Violence and Friendship in Modern India2King's
Mughals, Munshis and Mistresses: Society and Rule in Early Colonial India3Goldsmiths
Nationalism, Democracy and Minorities in Central Europe, 1918-19392RH
Norman Conquest of Britain3King's
Northern Ireland Troubles2King's
On the Move: The Automobile in History3UCL
Origins of Reformation in England3King's
Outsiders in the Middle Ages2QM
Passages to Jerusalem: the Crusades and the Medieval World, 1095-12913UCL
Popes, Caliphs, and Sacred Law, 385-8503UCL
Popular Politics in Early Modern Britain2UCL
Progress and its Discontents: European Culture, 1890-19143RH
Progressivism and Progressive Thought in America 1890-19143UCL
'The Pursuit of Happiness?' The Creation of American Capitalism, 1763-19143QMUL
Poverty, Dress and Indentity in Nineteenth-Century England3GC
Racial Segregation and Apartheid c.1880-19903QMUL
Radicalism in the English Revolution3GC
Red, White and Blues: Jazz and the United States in the Twentieth Century3KCL
Reform and Rebellion in England 1215-12673King's
Reformation and Revolt in the Low Countries3UCL
Reinventing Ourselves: Psychology, Sex and Chemistry in Modern Britain3QMUL
Religion and Politics in Archaic and Classical Greece2King's
Religious Reformation and Popular Piety 1450-16502UCL
Renaissance Rome 1430-15303QMUL
Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia2SSEES, UCL
Rise of US Imperialism in Latin America and the Caribbean3UCL
Roman Army3RH
Roman Britain2King's
Roman Britain2RH
Roman Democracy: Myth or Reality?2UCL
Roman Family2UCL
Romans and Barbarians: The Transformation of the Roman West 350-7003King's
Rome AD 300-10002UCL
The Russian Empire in the Age of Reform and Revolution 1856-19172RH
Russian Revolution3SSEES, UCL
The Russian Revolution and Civil War 1917-21 (I) and (II)3QMUL
Saladin, Richard the Lionheart & the Third Crusade3QMUL
Seleukid Empire, c.312-145 BC2UCL
Scotland: the Making of the Medieval Kingdom3King's
Sensing the Renaissance, 1400-16503King's
Sex and the African City: Gender and Urbanisation in Southern Africa3GC
Sexuality and Gender in Modern Britain2King's
The Sixties Cultural Revolution in Germany and Britain3QMUL
Slaves on Horses: State and Society under the Mamluks3QMUL
Social History of Latin America since 18902UCL
Social Systems in Religious History2UCL
Society and Culture in Twentieth-Century Africa1SOAS
Soul and Body in Renaissance Thought3UCL
Soviet Union and Russia 1945-20002King's
Spain in Conflict, 1931-19392RH
Successors to the Habsburgs: East-Central Europe, 1914-19452SSEES, UCL
Temple Life in Assyria and Babylonia3UCL
Theme of Degeneration3WCHM
Themes in Early Modern Cultural History2King's
Themes in the Study of Contemporary Africa2King's
This Side of the Taurus: Seleukid Kings3UCL
'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland3QMUL
Tudor England: Politics, Religion and Culture 1485-16032King's
Tudor England and the Italian Renaissance: Reactions and Comparisons3UCL
Twentieth-Century Medicine, State and Society in the United States and United Kingdom3King's
Understanding the Early Mesopotamian World2UCL
Urban Culture and Modernity3SSEES, UCL
Utopian Visions: The Soviet Experience through the Arts2GC
Victorian Intellectual History3QMUL
Victorian Social and Political Thought3RH
Visions of Europe: Political and Intellectual Readings of European Integration from the Interwar years to the Present3RH
Visual and Material Culture in Early Modern Europe2GC
Voice, citizenship and identity in western science, politics and culture, c.1750-c.19143King's
War and Society in Ancient Greece, 750-350 BC3UCL
War in the Pacific, 1898 to 1975 and Beyond: Strategy and Diplomacy2King's
The War on Terror3QMUL
We the People: Democracy in America, 1787-18613QMUL
Witchcraft and Society, 1450-17502RH
Women and Gender in Early Modern England3King's
Women and the Politics of Gender in Modern Muslim Societies2RH
Women, Family and Work in Post-War Britain3QMUL
World History: Power and Inequality (1500-1900)2King's
Young Lives: Growing up in Liverpool, London, Melbourne and Sydney, 1870-19702King's

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