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New approaches to writing history

Join Bart Van Es (Oxford), winner of the 2018 Costa Book award, and the feminist and historian, Sarah Knott (Indiana), to discuss new approaches to history writing. In this event -- chaired by Barbara Taylor (QMUL) -- we’ll discuss the rise of 'first-person' histories which combine research and personal memoir. 

6.30pm, Thursday 9 May at Birkbeck, London: jointly organised with the Raphael Samuel History Centre.

The Rise and Fall of the British Nation reviewed

The IHR's online journal Reviews in History has just published a fascinating discussion between Scott Newton and David Edgerton of the latter's The Rise and Fall of the British Nation: a Twentieth Century History.

This compelling book recasts 20th-century British history in terms of the building and dismantling of a specifically British nation, challenging the use of 'declinism' as an explanation of Britain's changing domestic and international experience since 1900.

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New education resources from Layers of London

Layers of London’ has created free teacher and student packs to support Key Stage 2 and 3 students and help teachers create their own class collections. These free resources allow students to publish and share their local history work online and so contribute to a pioneering London history crowd-sourcing project.

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