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The History of the IHR

A. F. Pollard and others had discussed plans for a centre of 'advanced historical studies' since the early 1900s. The IHR went by several names pre-1921. Promotional literature from before and after 1921 stressed the IHR as a place of new and experimental work. The language of science was regularly employed.

The IHR's location was carefully chosen. The IHR's founders wanted a central London location to allow UK and international visitors easy access to the British Museum (Library) and Public Record Office. The IHR's first home was a single-storey prefabricated 'hut' on Malet Street, Bloomsbury, close to its present location in Senate House, University of London.

The opening ceremony for the Institute of Historical Research took place on 8 July 1921. Guest of honour was H.A.L. Fisher, Minister for the Board of Education.

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