Professor Cornelie Usborne, BA (Open), PhD (Open)

The social and cultural history of Weimar Germany

Professor Emerita at Roehampton University and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Historical Research.


Cornelie Usborne co-convenes the Women’s History Seminar at the Institute of Historical Research and a member of the German History society. She specializes in the social and cultural history of modern Germany, especially women’s history and the history of sexuality and emotion. She is presently researching a major project on ‘Imagined pleasure, ambivalent practice. A cultural history of women’s sexuality in Weimar and Nazi Germany’.

Selected recent publications

  • “Female Sexual Desire and Male Honor:  German Women’s Illicit Love Affairs with Prisoners of War during the Second World War”, special issue of the Journal of the History of Sexuality on 'Transgressive Sex, Love and Violence during the Second World War: Case Studies from Britain and Germany', vol. 26, no 3, September 2017, 454-488.
  • Co-editor (with Jonathan Barry and Owen Davies) of Cultures of Witchcraft in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Present, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.
  • 'Bio-Politics and Gender in the First World War and Weimar Germany', in Gabriele Metzler/Dirk Schumann eds., Geschlechter(un)ordnung und Politik in der Weimarer Republik (Bonn: Dietz, 2016), 109-134.
  • 'Abtreibung in der Weimarer Republik. Weibliche Forderungen und Erfahrungen’, in Lutz Niethammer and Silke Satjukow eds., “Wenn die Chemie stimmt….” Gender Relations and Birth Control in the Age of the “Pill” (Göttingen: Wallstein, 2016), 96-120.
  • Co-editor (with Beat Kümin), Special Forum on 'At home and in the workplace: domestic and occupational space in Western Europe since the middle ages', History & Theory (2013).
  • Cultures of Abortion in Weimar Germany (Berghahn, paperback edition, 2011).
  • 'Social Body, Racial Body, Woman’s Body. Discourses, Policies, Practices from Wilhelmine to Nazi Germany, 1912-1945', Historical Social Research, special issue on `Fertility’ (2011)
  • Co-editor (with Charlotte Behr and Sabine Wieber), special issue on ‘Picturing the past’, Cultural and Social History (2010).
Professor Cornelie Usborne, BA (Open), PhD (Open) | Institute of Historical Research


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