Mr Daniel Snowman, BA (Cantab), MA (Cornell)

Links between arts history (especially of music and opera) and mainstream historical research

Daniel Snowman is a London-born writer, lecturer and broadcaster. He was one of the first generation of lecturers at the University of Sussex and went on to work for many years with the BBC.  

Research and publications

A social and cultural historian, his books have tended to cross conventional historiographical and disciplinary boundaries, from Kissing Cousins (1977), a comparative study of British and American social attitudes and values, to The Hitler Emigrés (2002) which examined the cultural impact on Britain of refugees from Nazism.  Recent books include Historians (2006), and The Gilded Stage: A Social History of Opera (2009) - a pioneering attempt to place the history of opera in its widest historical perspective.  In June 2010, he presented the IHR's Annual Fellows' Lecture in which he urged 'mainstream' historians to make greater efforts to incorporate the history of music and the 'high' arts into their researches.  In 2011, he undertook an academic assessment of the complete historical Archive and 'Collections' of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.