Professor David Bates

Medieval history; Anglo-Norman studies

David Bates is a historian of Britain and France during the period from the tenth century to the thirteenth century. He has written many books and articles during his career The most important among his books are Normandy before 1066 (1982); Regesta Regum Anglo-Normannorum: The Acta of William I, 1066-1087 (1998); The Normans and Empire (2013); and William the Conqueror (2016). The two most recent of these are an argument that seeks to create an analytical framework for the expansion of the Normans in Western Europe and a radical revision of the life of William the Conqueror published in the Yale University Press English Monarchs series. He was Director of the IHR from 2003 until 2008, a period he regards as an important phase in a relationship with the IHR which goes back to the summer of 1968 when his time there made a major contribution to his subsequent career. In addition to the University of London, he has held posts in the Universities of Cardiff, Glasgow, East Anglia, and Caen Normandie. He is now an Emeritus Professor in Medieval History, University of East Anglia.