Advisory Council of the Institute of Historical Research



Professor Alexandra Walsham

Director of the IHR

Professor Jo Fox

Dean of SAS

Professor Rick Rylance

Pro Dean

Professor Catherine Davies

Six historians from outside the University

Professor Clare Anderson

Professor Patricia Clavin

Dr Richard Huzzey

Professor Matthew Strickland

Professor Andrew Thompson

Professor Keir Waddington

Four University of London representatives (by rotation)

Dr Jan Rueger

Dr Jonathan Phillips

Dr Adam Sutcliffe

Dr Vivienne Richmond

Stakeholders associated with the discipline

Dr Rebecca Sullivan

Dr Christopher Ridgway

Dr Jennifer Haynes

Chair of History Lab

Mr Gareth Davis

Chair of History Lab Plus

Dr Kelly Spring

Person elected by and from among the convenors of the IHR seminar programme

Dr Caroline Goodson

One person elected by and from
the whole of the staff of the Institute

Mr Mark Lawmon


Dr Conor Wyer