Staff Student Liaison Committee

The student representatives committee is an important resource for all IHR students. It provides a vehicle for discussion with staff on issues affecting the student community including facilities, teaching, assessment and resources.


  1. To provide an opportunity for both students and staff to discuss matters of common concern which relate to postgraduate education at the Institute such as individual programmes of study, methods of assessment, teaching, facilities etc.
  2. To advise the Higher and Research Degrees Committee and the Director of the Institute on matters related to the management of postgraduate programmes and general provision of facilities.
  3. The Committee will normally meet once each term.
  4. Extraordinary meetings shall be called for matters that require urgent attention.  This shall be at the discretion of the Chair of the Committee.
  5. Agendas and Minutes of meetings will be made available to students on request.


Director of the IHR (Chair)

Lawrence Goldman

Directors of Masters programmes

Mark Merry (Historical Research)
Barbara Simms (Garden and Landscape History)

Research supervisor

Jane Winters

Administrators of Masters programmes

Olwen Myhill

Institute Manager

Alex Bussey

Student representatives

Charlotte Berry (Research students)
Patricia Dauncey (MA in Garden and Landscape History)
Janette Bright (MRes Historical Research)
In attendanceChristine Weir (SAS Registry)
Alex Weston (SAS Registry)