Dr Jenny Keating BA (Sussex), MA (Monash), DPhil (Sussex)

Most of Jenny Keating’s career in history has been spent working as a public historian. Her first job after leaving university was as a Research Assistant and Curator of the Suffragette Collection at what was then the London Museum in Kensington Gardens. Later, living in Melbourne, Australia, she worked as Field Historian at the State Library of Victoria, and as Curator of Domestic Life and Design at the Museum of Victoria. She also researched and wrote on many aspects of Australian history for different government agencies and organisations. Her books published there included The Drought Walked Through: A History of Water Shortage in Victoria (1992) and People's Playground: A History of the Albert Park ,(co-authored with Jill Barnard, 1996), and numerous historical place entries in The Encyclopedia of Melbourne (2005).  
Returning to the UK, Jenny Keating researched the history of adoption in the interwar years for her DPhil.  Following on from her book A Child for Keeps: The History of Adoption in England, 1918-1945 (2009), she is now researching the history of adoption to the present day. From 2008 to 2011 she was based at the IHR working with Professor Sir David Cannadine and Dr Nicola Sheldon on a research project studying the development of history teaching in England. The resultant book was The Right Kind of History: Teaching the Past in Twentieth-Century England (2011). She recently wrote  an entry on adoption in the UK for the OUP Oxford Bibliographies online encyclopedia and she has also written many articles and reports over the years on a range of topics both in Australia and the UK.