Dr Lynne Walker, BA (TN), PhD (London)

History of women and architecture, 1600 to the present; gender, space and architecture in Britain (17th century to the present)

020 7272 0370

Lynne Walker set up and now runs the course, An Introduction to Visual Sources for Historians, at the IHR and contributes to the MA in Contemporary British History at the CCBH.

Awards and Fellowships

2018- Honorary Fellow, Royal Institute of British Architects

2002- Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Historical Research, University of London

1999 Clark Fellow, Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA

1989-1991 RIBA Research Award, Royal Institute of British Architects

1977-1978 Birkbeck College Studentship

Research and publications

She is writing a history of gender, space and architecture in Britain (17 th century to the present) and her current research interests also include “Women and Church Art” (Sage, forthcoming), as well as a special study of “Lady Anne Clifford” (Lund Humphries, forthcoming).


  • 2017  AA Women in Architecture : 1917-2017, editor and contributor, AA Publications, London, 2017
  • Gender, Space and Architecture: A History of Women in Britain from the Seventeenth Century to the Present Day (in preparation)
  • 2004  Art & Design: A Source Book, with Jane Beckett, Helena Blaker and Pamela Church Gibson, British Film Institute, London
  • 1997  Drawing on Diversity: Women, Architecture and Practice, exhibition catalogue, RIBA Heinz Gallery, London
  • 1981  Victorian & Edwardian Architecture in the North-East, exhibition catalogue, Laing Art Gallery, Tyne and Wear County Council Museum
  • 1982  Between the Wars: Architecture and Design on Tyneside 1919-1939, exhibition catalogue, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with Cheryl Buckley
  • 992  Editor and contributor, Cracks in the Pavement: Gender/Fashion/Architecture, Sorella Press, London 
  • 1984  Editor and contributor, Women Architects: Their Work, exhibition catalogue, Sorella Press, London
  • 1984  Editor, William Morris, Ministry of Public Works and Urbanism, Madrid (in Spanish)


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