Professor Michael Clanchy MA, PhD ( Reading ), FBA

Medieval education, law and archives

Research and publications

Michael Clanchy's interests have been in law, administration and politics in England in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, notably in record-making and the growth of literacy. His most recent publications concern the ABC primer and the role of mothers in teaching their children to read in European culture in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. He also continues to publish on scholasticism, and Abelard and Heloise in particular. He is the Patron of the London Medieval Society.

His books include The Roll and Writ File of the Berkshire Eyre of 1248 (Selden Society, vol. 90, 1973); From Memory to Written Record: England, 1066-1307, third edition (Oxford, 2013); Abelard – a Medieval Life (Oxford, 1997); The Letters of Abelard and Heloise , revised edition [with Betty Radice] (Penguin Classics, London, 2003); England and its Rulers, third edition (Oxford, 2006). Among recent publications are: ‘Parchment and Paper: Manuscript Culture, 1100-1500', in A Companion to the History of the Book ed. Simon Eliot and Jonathan Rose (Oxford, 2007) pp. 194-206; [with Lesley Smith]‘Abelard’s Description of the School of Laon: What Might it Tell Us About Early Scholastic Teaching?’, Nottingham Medieval Studies 54 (2010) pp.1-34; ‘Did Mothers Teach their Children to Read?’, in Motherhood, Religion and Society in Medieval Europe: Essays Presented to Henrietta Leyser ed. Conrad Leyser and Lesley Smith (Farnham, 2011) pp. 129-153.

Professor Michael Clanchy MA, PhD ( Reading ), FBA | Institute of Historical Research


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