Michael Townsend

Collections Librarian

+44 (0)20 7862 8744

Michael Townsend is one of the library’s collection librarians with responsibility for the development and promotion of approximately two thirds of the library’s holdings. In addition he is the library’s main cataloguer and is responsible for the development and editing of the library’s in-house classification schemes.

Prior to his time at the Institute Michael worked briefly at the Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garrett museum before going on to work in public libraries in east London. Michael received his BA in History from King’s College, London in 1997 and an MA in Library and Information Studies from University College London in 2001. His interests include MARC21/RDA cataloguing, the history of late medieval and early modern natural philosophy, the history of medicine to c.1700, and the history of knowledge management and classification.

Networks and Collaborations

Member of the London Research Libraries Trainees Committee 2012-
Member of the Committee of Byzantine Holdings 2012-