Dr Roger Knight

Naval history, 18th-early 19th c.; Napoleonic Wars

Roger Knight’s interests for most of his museum and teaching career have been in the field of naval history. He read history at Trinity College Dublin and completed his Ph.D at University College, London, on the Royal Dockyards in England at the time of the American Revolutionary War. For most of his career he worked in the National Maritime Museum, starting in the manuscripts department in 1974 and leaving as Deputy Director in 2000. From that time until 2014 he was Visiting Professor of Naval History at the Greenwich Maritime Institute, University of Greenwich. In 2005 he published with Allen Lane, Penguin, The Pursuit of Victory: the life and achievement of Horatio Nelson, and, as part of a Leverhulme grant on the victualling industry at the time of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, he published with Martin Wilcox, ‘Sustaining the Fleet: War, the Navy and the Contractor State, 1793-1815 (Boydell, 2010). His most recent book was Britain against Napoleon: the Organization of Victory, 1793-1815, again published by Allen Lane, in 2013. For more details see see http://rogerknight.org