Dr Simon Thurley (English Heritage)

Architecture of the Tudor and Stuart court

Simon Thurley has had a career in historic buildings, heritage and museums, most recently as the chief executive of English Heritage. His special area of research is the architecture of the Tudor and Stuart court. His PhD was published in 1993 as The Royal Palaces of Tudor England. This book was followed up by a series of monographs on individual buildings including Whitehall Palace and Hampton Court. In 2013 he published Men from the Ministry which was a history of state intervention in heritage from 1913 to 1983; the same year he also published his history of English architecture The Building of England. His more recent periodical literature has focused on the Stuart court and he is currently working on a book about Tudor and Stuart court architecture called Power Houses. Simon’s research aims to blend an analysis of buildings with economic and political history to create a multidisciplinary social history of architecture. Simon jointly founded the Society of Court Studies, a forum for the discussion of the history of courts and courtiers. He is Visiting Professor of the Built Environment at Gresham College. For more details see http://simonthurley.com.