Miss Susan Reynolds MA (Oxon), FBA

States, nations, and law in the middle ages

020 7636 9043

Research and publications

Susan Reynolds is an Honorary Fellow of the IHR and an Emeritus Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. Her research interests cover the social, political, and legal history of medieval western Europe.


  • An introduction to the history of English medieval towns (OUP: Clarendon Press, 1977; OUP paperback, 1981)
  • Kingdoms and communities in western Europe, 900-1300 (OUP: Clarendon Press, 1984; OUP paperback 1986; second edition with new introduction, 1997)
  • Fiefs and vassals: the Medieval Evidence Reinterpreted (OUP, 1994; paperback 1996)
  • Ideas and solidarities of the medieval laity: England and western Europe: selected essays including one previously unpublished (Variorum, 1995)
  • Before Eminent Domain: Toward a History of Expropriation of Land for the Common Good (Chapel Hill, 2010).
  • The Middle Ages without Feudalism: selected essays including two previously unpublished (Variorum, 2013).