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The back lawn behind the north block of Senate House
© University of London

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(Miniature) Scene in a counting house; a nobleman and helper doing business with the owner; a secretary writes accounts.
Image taken from Treatise on the Vices.
Originally published/produced in Genoa, late 14th century.
© All Rights Reserved. The British Library Board. Licence Number: IHRTRU01.

Author: Cocharelli (--), of Genoa, grandson of Pelegrino C
Illustrator: Cibo, monk of Hyères
Shelfmark/Page: Add. 27695, f.7v
Language: Latin

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Royal Historical Society. The International Historical Congress 1913, Dinner, Holborn Restaurant, London, April 1st, 1913
© Royal Historical Society


Antique globes
© license from iStock photo, photographer: DNY59


Turn on laptop in old library
© license from iStock photo, photographer: photogl

Centre for Metropolitan History

Panorama of the City of London by the Thames
© Centre for Metropolitan History

Victoria County History

Spines of the VCH 'Red books'
© Victorial County History


Image: Typebars
© OBMonkey


Research training

Research and training with a 'super computer'
© Unknown


Aerial photograph of Senate House from BT Tower
© University of London

Digital projects

Image: .| Circuit |.
© clix


Books from the IHR's own collections.
© Institute of Historical Research


University of London students relaxing at the Sunken Garden, Malet Street.
© University of London

History Lab

Research seminar at the IHR
© University of London