IHR wireless network

Getting started

The wireless network is available throughout the public areas of the IHR, including the library, common room and meeting rooms.

  • Library members should use the UoL Libraries network. Please remove any connections to uol-open which will soon be superseded.
  • Temporary visitors can use the UoL Conferences network.
  • eduroam is also available if you have access to it through your home organisation.

UoL Libraries

  • Username: barcode number from your library card. Enter without spaces. If there is an X, enter in upper case.
  • Password: your surname. Enter in lower case and include any spaces or hyphens.

With many operating systems, especially Windows, you will not be able to connect automatically, and will need to follow the more detailed instructions. Once set up, the settings will be retained next time you connect.


You can connect to eduroam if access is provided via your home organisation. Obtain any further guidance from them if you need any assistance.

Troubleshooting and Assistance

If your username and password aren’t being accepted, check at IHR library enquiries or reception desk that your membership record is correct.

Try restarting your device or restarting the network adapter.

You may need to remove details of an existing configuration, before being able to enter the correct settings. In Windows 10, this is under Network & Internet Settings > Wifi > Manage known networks. On Android devices this is under Advanced > Manage networks. Select 'UoL Libraries' and Forget.

On rare occasions the problem may be caused by a general network problem. Check whether other users are experiencing problems or ask at library enquiries.

For further help, please ask at Library Enquiries on Floor 1.

Code of Conduct

The wireless network is provided by the University of London using the Janet network. All users must adhere to the University of London Acceptable Use Policy:

Should you not comply with the above regulations, the University may suspend or terminate your access.